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What are the uses of large diameter seamless steel pipes?

Date:2022-01-12View:153Tags:large diameter seamless steel pipes
In the factory of seamless steel pipes, we can see a lot of large-diameter seamless steel pipes, so do you know what the uses of large-diameter seamless steel pipes are? The following is a detailed introduction:

1. In our daily life, large-diameter seamless steel pipes are a very common channel, mainly used in sewers and water pipes. Our tap water is transported to each of our homes through large-diameter seamless steel pipes. Our life Water is inseparable from large-diameter seamless steel pipes. And the water pipe will also use large-diameter seamless steel pipe, so that we have a steady stream of water resources.

large diameter seamless steel pipes

2. Large-diameter seamless steel pipes have great contributions to agriculture and heavy industry. In agriculture, this steel pipe is mainly used for irrigation, providing water for agricultural irrigation and reducing farmers' labor. The heavy industry needs to transport some oil, and the large-diameter seamless steel pipe has good sealing performance to ensure that the fuel does not leak, and it is a good transportation pipeline.

3. Large-diameter seamless steel pipes have good load-carrying capacity. In our big cities, in addition to being used in our daily life, large-diameter seamless steel pipes are also widely used in our cities, such as , There are frequent bridges in our city, such as bridges across the sea, bridges are basically constructed with large-diameter seamless steel pipes, which are the main body of these large buildings. With large-diameter seamless steel pipes, our Cities are built better and stronger.

4. With the development of science and technology, South-to-North water transfer and gas transportation have become simple things, and these are inseparable from large-diameter seamless steel pipes. Large-diameter seamless steel pipes are mainly used for gas transportation, and various For the transportation of natural gas and other gases, when the gas and water supply in a certain place is insufficient, transportation pipelines are needed at this time, and large-diameter seamless steel pipes are such a transportation pipeline.

Tips: Line pipes are used to transport the oil, steam, and water extracted from the ground to petroleum and natural gas industrial enterprises through line pipes. Line pipes include carbon seamless line pipes and welded steel pipes. The pipe ends have flat ends, threaded ends and socket ends; its connection The method is end welding, coupling connection, socket connection and so on.