Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless Steel Pipe

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Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Maximum diameter: 36" (914.4mm)      minimum diameter: 1/2" (21.3mm)
Maximum thickness: 60mm                     mininmum thickness: 2.11mm


Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe 

API 5L GR.B, X42,X52,X60,X65 PSL1 & PSL2
Size range:  2" - 24"
Schedules: STD,SCH100,SCH120,SCH160,XXH
utilized for the water and petroleum industry to transport liquids or as platforms on off-shore rigs.

Size range:  1/8" - 26"
Schedules: SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH100, SCH120,SCH160,XXH

utilized for services ranging from structural supports to steam drum headers with temperature ranges up to 800°F

Manufacturing Process Of Seamless Carbon Steel PipeManufacturing Process Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Billets and coils are delivered to the pipe mill ready to be made into carbon steel pipe. Depending on the capabilities of the pipe mill and the end use of the final product, the casts will be formed into pipe by means of four distinct different manufacturing.Seamless carbon steel pipe has, as its name implies, no longitudinal weld seam. It is, in essence, one solid homogeneous piece of steel. A solid billet is simply heated and then stretched over a series of mandrels until the pipe has achieved its desired diameter and wall thickness.

Special Performance Requirements Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Performance Requirements

Strength Control by
Q&T Heat Treatment
Clean steel
• Fully killed and fi ne grained
• Low P, S, N, O, H
• Inclusion shape control
• Low segregation
Pcm Control Weldability

seamless carbon steel pipe

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Inspection Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Non-destructive testing (RT, UT, MT or PT)

Heat treatment execution, if specified.

Metallographic examination, if applicable.

Visual and dimensional control.

Hydrostatic test, if applicable.

Painting, coating, marking and color coding check.

Final visual inspection including packaging and quantity control.

 Ultrasonic flaw detection of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Package Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Plastic caps plugged at the two sides of pipe ends

Should be avoided by the steel strapping and transport damage

Bundled signs should be uniform and consistent

The same bundle(batch) of steel pipe should be came from the same furnace.

The steel pipe has the same furnace number, the same steel grade, the same specifications.

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Application Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon steel seamless pipes are extensively applied in the nuclear device, gas conveyance, petrochemical, shipbuilding and boiler industries, with characteristics of high corrosion resistance combined with suitable mechanical properties.

- Nuclear device

- Gas conveyance

- Petrochemical industries

- Shipbuilding and boiler industries

Transportation Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

   Transportation Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe  Transportation Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe  Transportation Of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Seamless Carbon Steel PipeSeamless Carbon Steel PipeSeamless Carbon Steel Pipe