Buy seamless pipe, Buy seamless steel pipe, Contact Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd


Buy seamless pipe, Buy seamless steel pipe, Contact Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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Eastern Steel as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings, want to know more about Eastern Steel? Looking to do business with us? 

Find us online: please call 0086-731-85591609, or find us online app: whatsapp/webchat: 0086 15802647516

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No. 229, Tongzipo West Road, Lugu International Industrial 
Park, Yuelu District, Changsha, China 410221
Whatsapp:+0086 15802647516

Product Division

seamless steel pipeSeamless Steel Pipe
welded steel pipeWelded Steel Pipe
Casing & TubingCasing & Tubing
Fittings Fittings

Client Testimonials
  • “The lsaw steel pipe used for the gas transmission project is from Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Now in the process of use of the project, the quality of the steel pipe is very good. The outer surface of the steel pipe is coated with anti-corrosion layer, and the appearance of the pipe is very beautiful.I have recommended Eastern Steel to my friends.It is worth.”

    From Chile Company

  • “Knowing that Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has a branch in Singapore is a very happy thing for our Singaporean company, because as a shipyard, we need to purchase a large number of seamless pipes every year. This saves transportation time.We purchased 1,500 tons of seamless pipes in February this year and has been delivered now.”

    From Singapore Company

  • “Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has always insisted that quality determines the future. Indeed, they did it. Last month, our company received a batch of tubing and casing. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality. They look forward to long-term cooperation with us. I heard that their reputation has always been very good in terms of performance”

    From Spain Company


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