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Globe Valve

Globe Valve

Globe and angle valves are designed for throttling or regulating flow in commercial and industrial applications. Globe valves are constructed of bronze, cast iron, or cast ductile iron materials and offer threaded, flanged, or solder end connections.
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Forged Globe Valve

Body Construction: T-type,Y-type,Angel type.

Bonnet Design: Bolted bonnet, Welded bonnet, Pressure sealed bonnet
Design and Manufacture: API 602,BS 5352,ASME B16.34/B16.11/B1.20.1/B16.25 /B16.5
Size Range: 1/2"~4"
Pressure Ratings: 150LB-2500LB
Temperature Range: -196℃~500℃
End Connections: Threaded,Socket-Welded,Butt-Welded,Flange Type(Welded flange &Integral flange)
Face to Face Dimension: ASME B16.10 and other standard

Inspection and Testing: API 598 and other standard

Casting Globe Valve

Design and Manufacture: DIN3356,API 6D,ASME B16.34,GOST5762-2002
Size Range: DN40-1400,2"~24"
Pressure Ratings: PN1.0-PN42.0Mpa,150LB-2500LB
End Connections: EN1092,ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, MSS-SP44, GOST12815-80
Face to Face Dimension: DIN3202, ASME B16.10, GOST3706-93
Inspection and Testing: DIN 3230,API 598,GOST356-80