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welded pipes,ERW pipes

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welded pipes,ERW pipes
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Quality control and testing of welded pipes

Date:2024-04-02View:61Tags:welded pipes,ERW pipes
Quality control measures during the production process of welded pipes are an important step to ensure that products meet standard requirements. These measures mainly focus on raw material selection, production process control, welding process monitoring and finished product inspection to ensure that the quality and performance of welded pipes meet design standards.

welded pipes

Raw material selection: For the production of welded pipes, selecting high-quality steel plates and pipes is key. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials need to comply with relevant standards, and strict quality inspections are conducted to ensure the weldability and mechanical properties of the raw materials.

Production process control: During the production process of welded pipes, various process parameters need to be strictly controlled, such as welding temperature, welding speed, current and voltage, etc. Use advanced welding equipment and processes to ensure welding quality and consistency.

Welding process monitoring: During the welding process, real-time monitoring and control are required, as well as timely correction of possible problems. Use automated monitoring equipment to monitor welding temperature, welding energy, weld quality, etc. to ensure the stability and reliability of the welding process.

Finished product inspection: The finished product of welded pipe needs to be comprehensively inspected, including weld inspection, dimensional inspection, mechanical property testing, etc. In finished product inspection, a combination of non-destructive testing and destructive testing is usually used to ensure product quality.

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