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stainless steel seamless pipe,welded pipe

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stainless steel seamless pipe,welded pipe
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The difference between 304 stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe

Date:2024-04-01View:69Tags:stainless steel seamless pipe,welded pipe

The difference between 304 stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe

stainless steel seamless pipe

1. Different pipe making processes

Seamless pipe, also known as stainless steel seamless pipe, is a capillary pipe made from a cast billet or solid billet that is perforated and then hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold-drawn.
Welded stainless steel pipes are made of stainless steel.

2. Welding

The process of welding decorative pipes of 304 stainless steel can be seen that the pipes have welding seams, but seamless steel pipes, like its name, have no welding seams. High-quality decorative stainless steel welded pipe, full nitrogen internal protection weld seam.

3. Thickness

The raw material steel strips of the original stainless steel welded pipes are all rolled, and the thickness is relatively uniform. The specifications of the finished welded pipes include thin pipes and thick pipes. However, the thickness of stainless steel seamless pipes is generally uneven, and the steel pipes are relatively thick.

4. Welding process performance

Generally, there are certain differences in chemical composition between 304 stainless steel welded pipes and seamless stainless steel pipes. The steel composition of seamless steel pipes only meets the basic requirements of steel pipes. In addition, for the production of welded stainless steel pipes, the chemical components contained in the steel are suitable for welding, such as silicon, sulfur, manganese, oxygen and other elements mixed with ferrite in a certain proportion, which can produce easy heat transfer during the welding process. of welding melt so that the entire weld seam is completely penetrated. As for stainless steel seamless pipes, due to the lack of the above elements, various unstable factors will occur during the welding process, making it difficult to weld firmly and penetrate.

5. Anti-corrosion performance

Generally speaking, the anti-corrosion properties of two stainless steel pipes and seamless pipes of the same material are basically the same.

6. Price

Seamless steel pipes are more expensive than stainless steel welded pipes.

7. Comprehensive performance

In general, the quality of 304 gap stainless steel pipes is better than stainless steel seamless pipes. Because welded stainless steel pipes are accurately inspected by cold-rolled steel plates, defects are basically welded out. The 304 stainless steel pipe is stamped and formed from stainless steel blanks, and many tears occur on the extruded pipe wall. The vortex flow test shows that the secondary rate of stainless steel welded pipe fittings is generally lower than that of seamless stainless steel pipe fittings.

8. Surface

There will be some inconspicuous spots on the surface of seamless pipes. Stainless steel decorative pipes with strict surface treatment requirements.

9. Purpose

Seamless pipes are mainly used in industrial fields. Decorative pipes are widely used and are mainly used in the field of decorative welding. However, with the improvement of decorative pipe technology, thick-walled decorative pipes can also replace some seamless pipes.

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