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How to make seamless steel pipe anti-corrosion?

Date:2021-10-08View:276Tags:seamless steel pipe anti-corrosion

Seamless steel pipes have become piping equipment often used in our lives. In order to extend the service life of carbon seamless steel pipe, we need to perform anti-corrosion work on them. Next, we will introduce the anti-corrosion method of seamless steel pipe.

Why are seamless steel pipes anticorrosive?

Seamless steel pipe is a relatively high-end steel pipe, the price is very expensive, but after all, the raw material is also iron, and it will also grow rust, which also affects the service life in the pipeline. Therefore, the anti-corrosion of seamless steel pipe must also be done before pipeline construction. One process, for seamless steel pipes, is mainly 3pe anticorrosion or epoxy coal tar anticorrosion.


Seamless steel pipe anti-corrosion process

The anti-corrosion of the steel pipe is according to the requirements of the drawings, using epoxy coal tar paint outsourcing the glass cloth, and the outer coating is coated with anti-corrosion.


Outer wall construction process: pipeline derusting→primer coating→first top coat→second top coat→winding glass cloth→top coat→top coat;

Inner wall construction process: pipeline derusting→priming→first pass top coat→second pass top coat→third pass top coat