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large diameter steel pipe

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large diameter steel pipe
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What are the usage scenarios of large diameter steel pipes?

Date:2024-01-11View:215Tags:large diameter steel pipe
What are the usage scenarios of large diameter steel pipes?

Large-diameter stainless steel pipe is a hollow strip-shaped ring-shaped structural steel. It is mainly used in pipelines and mechanical structural components in industries such as crude oil, chemical plants, medical treatment, food, light industry, and mechanical instrumentation. In addition, when sheet metal bending and torsional strength are the same, the net weight is lighter, so it is also commonly used to make mechanical parts and engineering structures.

large diameter steel pipe

Features and main uses

1. The main uses of small-diameter stainless steel can be divided into oil well pipes (waterproof casings, oil pipelines and drilling tools, etc.), plastic-coated composite pipes, steam pipes, mechanical equipment structural pipes, hydraulic support pipes, gas cylinder pipes, geological pipes, chemical industry Factory pipes (high-pressure fertilizer pipes, low- and medium-pressure boiler pipes) and ship pipes, etc.

2. The harder the solution is, the more cost-effective and wise the choice it is. The thinner the solution, the higher the cost of production and processing will be;

3. Its limitations are determined by a process of technology. Generally, seamless pipes have low precision: uneven thickness, low color pipe appearance, high investment in fixed length, and the appearance of crevice corrosion, and black stains are difficult to remove;

4. Plastic inspection must be done offline. Therefore, it does show its advantages in higher working pressure, high toughness, and mechanical system wood.

5. The corrosion resistance of large-diameter stainless steel welded pipes lies in the fact that aluminum alloy parts are contained in steel. Chromium is the most basic component of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. About 12% of the chromium in steel works with the oxygen in corrosive substances to form a thin oxide layer (plating) drainage matrix on the surface of the steel to prevent further corrosion of the steel. . Remove chromium and common aluminum alloy parts from stainless steel seamless steel pipes and you will find nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, nitrogen, etc. , the structure and characteristics of stainless steel plates are adapted to standardized uses.


1. Welded steel pipes are manufactured online continuously. The harder the thickness, the larger the generator set and the welding machine, and the less economical and safe it is. The thinner the thickness, the lower its input-output rate will be.

2. The processing technology of this product is incomparable with that of general welded steel pipes with high precision, uniform thickness, high surface gloss in the pipe (the surface brightness of seamless steel pipes is determined by the surface grade of thick steel plates), and the pipes can be arbitrarily spaced. Therefore, its application in the field of high-precision, medium and low-pressure liquids shows its rationality and aesthetics.

3. Welded steel pipes are simple to manufacture, efficient to produce, low in cost, and develop rapidly. The strength of spiral welded steel pipes is generally higher than that of straight seam steel pipes. Narrow forging billets can be used to produce larger welded steel pipes, or blanks of the same width can be used to produce pipes and different types of welded steel pipes. However, compared with straight seam steel pipes of the same length, the weld length is increased by 30 to 100%, and the production efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, most of the larger diameter welded steel pipes use straight seam welding, while large diameter welded pipes mainly use spiral welding.

What are the usage scenarios of large diameter steel pipes?

1. Can be used in home smoke exhaust systems. Large-diameter stainless steel pipes are used in household smoke exhaust systems, that is, as chimneys. There are square, rectangular and round pipes. In addition to being used at home, they are also used as smoke exhaust pipes in kitchens of hotels, guesthouses, etc. This is mainly due to the superiority of the stainless steel pipe material itself. Whether it is resistant to oil stains in the kitchen or outdoor wind and rain, it has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and is more durable than other materials.

2. Followed by the field of mechanical equipment. In the past, Xiyouwo had cooperated with a customer who made mechanical equipment. They purchased large-diameter pipes for environmental protection equipment. Of course, the quality of the pipes was also very strict, and all data had to be accurate.

3. Finally, it is in the field of drainage system. Although stainless steel welded pipes have limitations in the water supply field, they can be used in drainage systems.


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