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seamless steel pipe, pipe cleaning

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seamless steel pipe, pipe cleaning
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Seamless steel pipe cleaning method

Date:2021-11-05View:1031Tags:seamless steel pipe, pipe cleaning
In order to improve the life of oil and gas pipelines, surface treatment is usually carried out to facilitate the firm combination of steel pipe and anti-corrosion layer. Common treatment methods for seamless steel pipes are: cleaning, tool rust removal, pickling, spray (shot) blasting and rust removal.
1. Cleaning
Grease, dust, lubricants, and organic matter adhering to the surface of the steel pipe usually use solvents and emulsions to clean the surface. However, the rust, oxide scale, and welding slag on the surface of the steel pipe cannot be removed, and other treatment methods are needed.
2. Tools to remove rust

Steel pipe surface oxide scale, rust, welding slag, wire brush can be used to clean and polish the surface treatment. There are two types of tool rust removal: manual and power. Hand tools can reach Sa2 level for rust removal, and power tools can reach Sa3 level for rust removal. If the surface of the steel pipe is attached with particularly strong oxide scale, it may be impossible to clean it with the help of tools to remove the rust. You need to find other methods.

a106 seamless steel pipe

3. Pickling
Common pickling includes two methods: chemical and electrolysis. However, only chemical pickling is used for anticorrosion of pipelines. Chemical pickling can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness on the surface of the steel pipe, which is convenient for subsequent anchor lines. Usually used as reprocessing after shot blasting (sand).

4. Spray (shot) blasting to remove rust
The high-power motor drives the blades to rotate at high speed, so that steel grit, steel shot, iron wire segments, minerals and other abrasives are sprayed (projected) on the surface of the steel pipe under the action of centrifugal force. On the one hand, rust, oxides and dirt are completely removed. On the other hand, the steel pipe achieves the required uniform roughness under the action of the violent impact and friction of the abrasive.
Among the four treatment methods, shot blasting is the most ideal treatment method for pipeline rust removal. Generally, shot blasting is mainly used for inner surface treatment of steel pipes, and shot blasting is mainly used for outer surface treatment of steel pipes.

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