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Production process of drill pipe

Date:2024-06-14View:109Tags:drill pipe,octg pipe,

Production process of drill pipe

drill pipe


Drill pipe is an indispensable tool in oil drilling operations. It is an important component connecting the drill bit and the drilling rig. It is an octg pipe.The manufacturing process of drill pipe mainly includes raw material preparation, processing and manufacturing, quality inspection and other links.

Production process

1. Material selection

The main raw material of drill pipe is high-strength alloy steel pipe, and its material should meet the relevant standard requirements. When making drill pipe, it is necessary to use high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy steel as raw material. Generally, G105 and S135 are commonly used. The procurement of raw materials should be strictly in accordance with the contract provisions to ensure the quality of materials, and check the information such as raw material manufacturer, batch number and material number to ensure the traceability of raw materials.

2. Cutting and chamfering

Cut the raw materials, cut the high-strength alloy steel pipe into the corresponding length and chamfer according to the design requirements. In this process, attention should be paid to the cutting accuracy and chamfer uniformity to ensure the straightness and dimensional accuracy of the drill pipe. Cutting should be carried out under heating to avoid cracks and deformation.

3. Rolling

The material is rolled and rolled into different models and specifications as needed. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the rolling effect to provide a good foundation for subsequent processing and use.

4. Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a relatively important step in the production of drill pipes. It is mainly to improve the strength and durability of steel by adjusting the internal organization and structure of steel. According to the material and requirements, heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering are carried out. During heat treatment, factors such as temperature, insulation time, and cooling rate need to be strictly controlled.

5. End making

End making includes two links: one is to make the end head; the other is to make the thread. Turning, milling, drilling and other processes are required on the machine tool.

6. Assembly

Assemble the two ends and the pipe body together, tighten the nuts and perform stiffness tests to ensure that the quality of the drill pipe meets the requirements.

7. Grinding

This process requires the use of high-precision processing equipment to repeatedly grind the drill pipe and control the process parameters to ensure surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

8. Quality inspection and painting

After the drill pipe is manufactured, it must be inspected and tested to ensure that its quality meets relevant standards and regulations. The main inspection items include strength, rigidity, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other aspects; finally, spraying, anti-corrosion treatment and marking are carried out to improve the service life of the drill pipe.

Common production problems and solutions

1. Drill pipe bending - Focus on controlling the heat treatment and processing technology in production to prevent excessive deformation and stress. At the same time, the drill pipe should also be inspected, maintained and repaired regularly.

2. Drill pipe cracks - This is an important indicator of the quality of drill pipe production. It is necessary to strictly control factors such as material properties and heat treatment parameters, and conduct quality inspection and maintenance in time.

3. The surface finish of the drill pipe is not good - This problem requires focusing on the accuracy of the processing technology and equipment, and improving the processing accuracy and process control level.


The drill pipe manufacturing process is a complex processing and manufacturing process that requires multiple steps. Controlling the quality and process parameters of each step is very important to improve the service life and performance of the drill pipe. Only after strict control and inspection can drill pipe that meet the requirements be produced. At the same time, for common production problems, corresponding solutions need to be taken to ensure the quality and use effect of the drill pipe. Manufacturers should formulate a complete quality management system, strengthen the management of each link, and improve production efficiency and quality.


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