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hydraulic tubes,Seamless pipe,Precision Tube,
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Causes of hydraulic tubes distortion

Date:2024-06-14View:75Tags:hydraulic tubes,Seamless pipe,Precision Tube,

Causes of hydraulic tubes distortion

hydraulic tubes

Hydraulic tubes are basically divided into fluid pipes and oil steel tubes used in hydraulic systems, also known as honing pipes, and cold-drawn or cold-rolled seamless precision pipes also include hydraulic tubes.

Hydraulic tubes will be distorted when subjected to certain impacts and bending.

Causes of hydraulic tubes distortion

1. The material of the hydraulic tube itself.

In the manufacturing process of hydraulic tubes, if materials with more leaky plates, poor quality, or inaccurately measured blanks are used, these may cause hydraulic tubes distortion.

2. Mishandling during the use of hydraulic tubes.

Hydraulic tubes are often subjected to severe impacts and bending during work. If they are improperly handled, or excessively bent or impacted beyond their tolerance, they may cause hydraulic tubes distortion.

The impact of hydraulic tubes distortion

Hydraulic tubes will not work properly after distortion, which may cause system performance to decline or even fail to work properly. In addition, hydraulic tubes distortion may also cause oil leakage in the hydraulic system, affecting the service life of the entire system.

(1) Influence of internal stress: When the internal stress of the steel pipe material continues to increase, it will cause the steel pipe to deform, which is the main reason;

(2) Influence of temperature change: Temperature changes during the processing of steel pipes will also cause deformation of steel pipes. This is because under high temperature conditions, the structure and properties of the steel pipe material will change, causing the shape of the steel pipe to change;

(3) Influence of processing error: Processing error is also an important reason for the deformation of steel pipes. Factors such as tool wear and processing error will have different degrees of influence on the shape of the steel pipe.

How to avoid the distortion of hydraulic tubes

There are many ways to avoid the distortion of hydraulic tubes. The following aspects need to be paid attention to:

1. Select good quality materials

Hydraulic tubes work under high temperature and high pressure. Selecting high-quality raw materials can effectively reduce the internal stress of steel pipes, thereby reducing the possibility of deformation of steel pipes; selecting accurately measured blanks can avoid distortion caused by the material itself of the hydraulic tube.

2. Control processing temperature

Ensure that the temperature during processing is stable and control the temperature changes during processing, so as to reduce the impact of temperature on the shape change of hydraulic seamless pipes.

3. Reasonable use of hydraulic tubes

When using hydraulic tubes, attention should be paid to the control of bending and impact, and do not exceed the bearing capacity of the hydraulic tubes. Avoid using hydraulic tubes as handling tools or climbing levers during operation.

4. Improve processing accuracy

Improving processing accuracy can reduce processing errors, thereby reducing the possibility of shape changes in seamless pipes.

5. Reasonable use of cooling methods

In the production process of hydraulic pipes, the use of reasonable cooling methods can effectively control the deformation of steel pipes, such as water cooling.

6. Strengthen inspection and supervision

In the production process, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and supervision of  hydraulic tubes, and promptly discover and deal with problems that may cause deformation to avoid processing unqualified steel pipes.

7. Regular maintenance

Hydraulic tubes require regular maintenance and check whether the hydraulic tubes are damaged or twisted. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time.

In short, hydraulic tube distortion is one of the common problems in the work of hydraulic systems. If you do not pay attention to it, the system may not work properly. Therefore, the use of hydraulic tubes needs to be careful to avoid distortion.


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