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Matters needing attention in the production of seamless steel pipes

Date:2022-03-18View:495Tags: seamless steel pipes

Precautions in the production of seamless steel pipes:

1. The capillary wall thickness of the cold-drawn seamless steel pipe should be uniform, and the precautions in the production control of the small-diameter seamless pipe should be less defects on the inner and outer surfaces;
2. Annealing Annealing is a very important process in all cold drawn pipe production;

3. The quality of annealing affects both the performance of the steel pipe and the removal of iron oxide scale.

seamless steel pipe

When the seamless steel pipe is manufactured, the pickling process of the steel pipe is involved. It is necessary to wear labor protection equipment before pickling the seamless steel pipe. For pickled seamless steel pipes, the weight is controlled between 2 and 5 tons, and the time is controlled within 5-15 minutes.

Key points of welding process of seamless steel pipe:
1. Generally, welding is carried out in the annealed (normalized) state.
2. Welding materials should ensure that the composition of the deposited metal is basically the same as that of the base metal.
3. The welding method of seamless steel pipe is not limited.

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