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Seamless pipe straightening

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Seamless pipe straightening
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How to straighten the seamless steel pipe?

Date:2021-11-25View:729Tags:Seamless pipe straightening
The production process of seamless steel pipes is mainly completed by the tension diameter, which is a continuous rolling process of coreless hollow base material. In the rolling process, sometimes the steel pipe is twisted and not straight. Is there any way to correct the tortuosity of seamless steel pipes?

The seamless steel pipes currently produced have a lesser degree of zigzag, but they also rely on mechanical straightening machines to complete. Therefore, in order to eliminate the twists and turns of seamless steel pipes, all seamless steel pipes need to be cold straightened. There are many factors that affect the quality of straightening, such as the tortuosity of the original pipe, the size of the steel pipe, the type of material straightening, and the adjustment parameters.

Seamless pipe straightening machine

The seamless steel pipe is bent due to improper adjustment of the rolling mill, residual stress during the rolling process, and uneven cooling along the section and length of the pipe. Therefore, as long as the winding degree of the cold-rolled tube is used to meet the requirements of the process conditions, it is impossible to obtain a very straight tube directly from the rolling mill. The basic principle of straightening is that seamless steel pipes have elasto-plastic twists from large to small, so they must withstand repeated twists and turns in the straightening machine. The degree of repeated twists and turns of seamless steel pipes mainly depends on the adjustment of the straightening machine.


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