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How to correctly choose large diameter steel pipes?

Date:2023-09-15View:34Tags:large diameter steel pipes
How to correctly choose large diameter steel pipes?

In daily life, production and large-scale civil construction processes, steel pipes still have many uses. Especially large-diameter steel pipes are used whether they are transporting liquids, gases or other media. With the rapid economic development and increasing infrastructure construction, the demand for steel pipes has also increased. So what types of large-diameter steel pipes are there? How to choose the right one?

large diameter steel pipes

Common types of large diameter steel pipes

1. Spiral steel pipe: As the name suggests, this type of steel pipe is actually a spiral seam steel pipe. During manufacturing, the main raw material is strip steel coil, which is extruded at room temperature. The welding process used is also different from other steel pipes. It is automatic double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding, which is also a major feature that distinguishes it from other steel pipes.
2. Anti-corrosion steel pipe: As can be seen from the name, this kind of steel pipe has the characteristics of anti-corrosion. According to the different production materials and processes, it is also divided into several different types. Among them, TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipe is very representative. It not only has high strength, but also has good plasticity, easy installation and strong corrosion resistance.

3. Straight seam steel pipe: This type is relatively simple in terms of production technology and process. Mass production not only has high efficiency but also high output, which can naturally greatly reduce costs. It is precisely because of this that straight-seam steel pipes have been developing rapidly in the market and have a wide range of uses.
4. Insulated steel pipe: Steel pipe with thermal insulation function is actually a kind of insulated pipe. When transporting some liquids or gases, insulation is often required, and the properties of these substances cannot be changed due to the influence of outside temperature. For example, heating pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, etc. are all commonly used.

5. Seamless steel pipe: As a steel pipe with no seams around it and a hollow cross-section, it generally has three shapes, namely rectangular, square and round. The production process of this kind of steel pipe is relatively simple, which is to use a solid tube blank or steel ingot to perforate the steel pipe, and then undergo hot rolling and cold rolling to form it. It is relatively economical and practical, and is often used in the manufacture of mechanical parts.

Things to note when purchasing large diameter steel pipes

1. Look at the material. Although the main raw materials of steel pipes are steel plates, the specific materials are different. That is to say, during the processing and production process, different raw materials are used, which will directly affect the quality and performance of the entire steel pipe. When selecting, you must learn to observe and detect.
2. Look at the craftsmanship. Even if the materials of some steel pipes are the same, the technologies and production processes used are different, which will also lead to obvious differences in quality. Only with exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology can we produce higher quality and more reliable steel pipes. Therefore, the welding process is also a major indicator of product quality.

3. Depend on the use. There are many uses for large-diameter steel pipes, and the specific types of steel pipes that should be used will also differ. For example, for transporting oil, gas and heating, insulated steel pipes must be used. If you have higher requirements for corrosion resistance, you should choose anti-corrosion steel pipes. Only by purchasing in such a targeted and purposeful way can it be used normally.
4. Look at the price. There are great differences in selling prices of steel pipes on the market, which are mainly determined by quality, workmanship and type. Of course, if you want to buy high-quality steel pipes for less money, you should try to buy them from well-known and powerful manufacturers. The price-performance ratio is generally relatively high.

I believe everyone has a clear understanding of the common types of large-diameter steel pipes and the correct purchase method. Since this type of steel pipe occupies a large area and is not affordable, you must fully understand and be prepared before purchasing. There are many production factories now. They all have advantages in terms of technology, production equipment and production lines. Just make the right choice based on actual needs.