Din 2448 seamless steel pipes and tubes


Din 2448 seamless steel pipes and tubes
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Din 2448 seamless steel pipes and tubes

Date:2021-06-18View:1387Tags:Din 2448 seamless steel pipes and tubes

This standard applies to the dimensions and the conventional masses per unit length of seamless steel pipes according to the technical conditions of delivery as demand in DIN 1629 Part 1 to Part 4. DIN 17175 and DIN 17172.

It also applies to conditions of delivery in which reference to this Standard is made.

It defines that sector selected from DIN ISO 4200, within which steel seamless pipes are standardized.

It is not applied to precision steel tubes according to DIN 2391.

We offer a wide range of DIN 2448 st 52 Pipe in sizes and thicknesses to our clients

DIN 2448 seamless steel pipes

DIN 2448, seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipes, St 37.0, Steel pipe


DIN 2448 Seamless Steel Pipes and Tubes-Dimensions, Conventional Masses per Unit Lengthstandard reference.


DIN 1629

DIN 17175


St 37.0


Schedule: Sch10,sch20, Sch40, Std, Sch80, Xs

Length: 5.8 Meters For 20ft Container, 6-12 Meters For 40ft Container

Inspection and Test:

Chemical Composition Inspection, Mechanical Properties Test

Tensile Strength,Yield Strength, Elongation, Flaring, Flattening, Bending, Hardness, Impact Test

Surface and Dimension Test,No-destructive Test, Hydrostatic Test.


Packed in wooden crates, wrapped in plastic, and suitably protected for sea-worthly delivery or as requested.

Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no., heat no., dimensions, weight and bundles or as requested.


Pipes are supplied in hexagonal bundles or round bundles tied with steel strip.

Weight of bundle-up to 5000 kg upon request of customer.

Each bundle is furnished with three tags.


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