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The difference between cold drawn pipe and cold rolled pipe

Date:2021-10-20View:437Tags:cold drawn pipe, cold rolled pipe

Both cold rolling and cold drawing belong to the cold working process, but the forming process and principle, process equipment, forming ability, and use are different.

seamless steel pipe

Cold rolling is a temperature lower than the recrystallization temperature required for the thickness of the cold rolled slab; cold drawing is a processing method in which metal wood is pulled out of the hole by force. For example: cold drawn precision seamless steel tube is a high-precision steel pipe material.

It should be said that both the dimensional accuracy and the surface finish are similar, because in the standard, cold drawn pipes and cold rolled pipes are generally uniformly prescribed, and of course the prices are similar.

But the difference is that for small-sized tubes, cold-drawn methods must be used.

Small-sized cold drawn steel pipes are more suitable for diameters above 150mm, and are more difficult to use than cold drawn. There is no such large-diameter cold drawn pipe, which is more common in the United States and South Korea. The drawing process is better and seamless, so the price may be a little more expensive than cold-rolled.