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seamless carbon steel pipe

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seamless carbon steel pipe
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Characteristics of thick-walled seamless carbon steel pipe

Date:2022-10-19View:482Tags:seamless carbon steel pipe
1. High wear resistance: The thickness of the wear-resistant layer of the thick-walled seamless carbon steel pipe is 312mm, and the hardness of the wear-resistant layer can reach HRC5862. The wear resistance is more than 1520 times that of ordinary steel plates, 510 times that of low-alloy steel plates, and 25 times that of high-chromium cast iron. Wear resistance is much higher than spray welding and thermal spraying.

2. Good impact resistance: The thick-walled seamless steel pipe is a double-layer metal structure, and the wear-resistant layer is metallurgically combined with the base metal. High bonding strength, can absorb energy when impacted, and the wear-resistant layer will not fall off. It is suitable for strong vibration and shock conditions, which is unmatched by cast wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials.

seamless carbon steel pipe

3. Good temperature resistance: the alloy carbide of the thick-walled seamless pipe has strong high temperature stability, and the wear-resistant steel plate can be used at 500 ℃. Other special requirements can be customized production, within 1200 can be used. Wear-resistant materials, such as ceramics, polyurethane, polymer materials, etc., cannot meet such high temperature requirements.

4. Good connection performance: The base material of the thick-walled seamless pipe is ordinary Q235 steel plate, which not only ensures the toughness and plasticity of the wear-resistant steel plate, but also provides the strength to resist external force. It can be connected with other structures by welding, plug welding, bolt connection, etc., the connection is firm, not easy to fall off, and there are more connection methods than other materials;

5. Selective performance: Thick-walled seamless pipes can be made into steel plates of different thicknesses and uses by selecting base materials of different thicknesses and surfacing alloy wear-resistant layers of different layers and thicknesses, and the maximum thickness can reach more than 30mm. ;

6. Simple processing: thick-walled seamless pipes can be processed into different sizes according to requirements, which can be processed, cold-formed, welded, bent, etc., and easy to use; they can be welded and formed on site, saving time, facilitating maintenance and replacement, and greatly reducing work intensity.

7. Cost-effective: The price of thick-walled seamless pipes is higher than that of ordinary materials, but considering the service life of the product, maintenance costs, spare parts costs, downtime losses and other factors, its cost-effectiveness is much higher than that of ordinary materials. Ordinary steel plate and other materials.

Of course, the above seven points are important features of thick-walled seamless pipes, and they also perform well in other aspects. For example, the zero heat treatment process for thick-walled seamless pipe cutting

The correct furnace installation and fabric during zero-cut heat treatment should ensure smooth airflow in the furnace, so that the thick-walled seamless pipe can be cut evenly, heated, and obtained uniform organization and performance. Generally, there is no limit to the furnace temperature when the furnace is installed, and it can be a cold furnace or a hot furnace.

The heating temperature should be determined according to the steel grade and heat treatment type, as well as the conditions of the heat treatment furnace and the charging distribution. After preliminary screening, it is recommended to pass the test verification. Various heat treatment methods. In addition to martensitic steels, other types of thick-walled seamless pipes generally heat up as quickly as possible. This not only shortens the heat treatment cycle and increases the productivity of the furnace, but also reduces the oxidation of thick-walled seamless tubes.

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