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Precautions for storage of seamless drill pipe

Date:2021-09-14View:329Tags:storage of seamless drill pipe

1. It is not allowed to stack seamless drill pipe directly on the ground, rails, steel plates or concrete surfaces. The first layer of drill pipe must be at least 30 cm above the ground to prevent moisture and soil corrosion.


2. The drill pipe should be stored on the pipe rack, and the pipe rack should have enough piers to prevent the drill pipe from bending and damaging the threads. The piers must be on the same plane and level, and the feet of the piers must be solid to prevent sinking.


3. There must be spacers between each layer of seamless drill pipe, and do not allow the drill pipe joints to bear the weight of the drill pipe. Each layer of drill pipe must have at least three spacers.


4. The isolation skid should be at right angles to the drill pipe and be located directly above the lower skid to ensure that the drill pipe does not bend.


5. The length difference of each layer of drill pipe should not exceed the length of the joint or coupling.


6. The two sides of each layer of drill pipe should be clamped with 2.5×5.0 cm or 5.0×5.0 cm plugs at both ends of the chocks.


7. Drill pipe water holes and male and female threads must be washed with clean water, coated with anti-rust oil, and wear protective wire.


8. Remove the rubber protective hoops on the drill pipe during storage, otherwise, it will cause an annular corrosion groove on the drill pipe body.


9. In order to inhibit the corrosion of the drill pipe, during the storage period, the drill pipe should be inspected by naked eyes regularly, and the surface and inner wall of the drill pipe should be anti-corrosion.