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Schedule 80 seamless steel pipe

Date:2021-07-05View:377Tags:Schedule 80 seamless steel pipe, Sch 80 seamless steel pipe

The steel pipe wall thickness series comes from the British metrology unit, and the score is used to express the size. The wall thickness of the seamless pipe is made up of the Schedule series (40, 60, 80, 120) and is connected to the weight series (STD, XS, XXS). These values are converted to millimeters as part of the tube wall thickness series.

ASTM schedule 80 seamless carbon steel pipe

ASTM schedule 80 seamless carbon steel pipe characteristic:

High pressure resistance, high precision, cold bending deformation, no crack flattening, no oxide scale, good tensile and impact resistance.

Difference Between SCH 40 and SCH 80 Steel pipe

Pipes with Schedule 40 come with standard weight, and pipes with schedule 80 come with extra strength. The materials used for making Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 come from the same material.

Schedule 80 pipes have a thicker wall than Schedule 40 pipes. As such, Schedule 80 pipes are stronger than Schedule 40 pipes. Though both pipes are used in construction work, Schedule 40 is used more often. But if a stronger pipe was needed, then the engineers would go for Schedule 80 pipes. Schedule 80 pipes are used where the pipes have to be exposed. But if there is no need for any extra strength, Schedule 40 pipes are sufficient.