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Quality problems of seamless steel pipes

Date:2022-12-19View:390Tags:seamless steel pipes
There are two types of factors that affect the quality of seamless steel pipes: steel quality and rolling process factors.

Factors in the rolling process are discussed here. The main influencing factors are: temperature, process adjustment, tool quality, process cooling and lubrication, removal and control of sundries on the surface of rolled parts, etc.

1. Temperature

Temperature is the most important factor affecting the quality of seamless steel pipes. First of all, the uniformity of the heating temperature of the tube blank directly affects the wall thickness uniformity and inner surface quality of the perforated capillary, which in turn affects the wall thickness quality of the product. Secondly, the temperature and uniformity of the steel pipe during the rolling process (especially the final rolling temperature) are related to the mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the delivered product in the hot-rolled state, especially when the steel billet or lamp tube is overheated or even When overburned, it will cause waste. Therefore, in the production process of hot-rolled seamless pipes, heating and controlling the deformation temperature in strict accordance with the process requirements are the first work that must be done.

seamless steel pipe

2. Process adjustment

Process adjustment and work quality mainly affect the geometric shape and appearance quality of steel pipes.

For example, the adjustment of the piercing machine and the rolling mill affects the wall thickness accuracy of the product, and the adjustment of the sizing machine is related to the accuracy and straightness of the product's outer diameter. Moreover, process adjustment also affects whether the rolling process can be carried out normally.

3. Tool quality

The quality and stability of the cutting tool are directly related to the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and cutting tool consumption of the product can be effectively controlled; the quality of the mandrel surface treatment (chrome plating) first affects the inner surface of the seamless steel pipe, and secondly affects Mandrel consumption and production costs.

4. Process cooling and lubrication

The cooling quality of the piercing head and rolls not only affects their life, but also affects the quality control of the inner and outer surfaces of the finished product. The cooling and lubrication quality of the mandrel first affects the inner surface quality, wall thickness accuracy and mandrel consumption of the seamless steel pipe; it also affects the load during rolling.

5. The removal and control of sundries on the surface of rolled parts refers to the timely and effective removal of iron sheets on the inner and outer surfaces of capillaries and waste pipes, and the control of reoxidation before rolling deformation. Nitrogen blowing in the inner hole of the capillary, borax spraying, pipe rolling and high-pressure water descaling at the entrance of fixed (reduced) diameter, effectively improving and enhancing the quality of the internal and external surfaces.


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