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Production and application of thermally expansion seamless steel pipe

Date:2022-03-02View:295Tags:thermally expansion seamless steel pipe
Thermal expansion is a processing method of steel pipes, which is to process small-diameter steel pipes into large-diameter steel pipes. The mechanical properties of heat-expanded steel pipes are slightly worse than that of hot-rolled steel pipes.

The specifications and models of heat-expanded steel pipes are relatively random, and are generally made according to the needs of customers. Heat-expanded steel pipes are what we often call heat-expanded pipes. Seamless steel pipes can be referred to as thermal expansion pipes.

thermally expanded seamless steel pipe

To expand the diameter of the pipe by cross-rolling or drawing:
1. The mechanical expansion of the hot-expanded steel pipe uses the split sector block at the end of the expansion machine to expand in the radial direction, so that the tube blank can be stepped along the length direction in a step-by-step manner to realize the process of plastic deformation of the entire tube length. Diameter expansion is a pressure processing process that uses hydraulic or mechanical means to add force from the inner wall of the steel pipe to expand the steel pipe radially outward. The mechanical method is simpler and more efficient than the hydraulic method. The expansion process of large-diameter straight seam welded pipe lines has been adopted.
Heat-expanded steel pipes are not only used to transport fluids and powdered solids, exchange heat energy, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, but also an economical steel. Using heat-expanded steel pipes to make building structural grids, pillars and mechanical supports can reduce weight and save metal 20-40%, and can realize factory mechanized construction.
2. To promote the expansion machine, it integrates cone die expansion technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, and hydraulic technology in one machine, with its reasonable process, lower energy consumption, lower construction investment, good product quality, and wide range The suitability of raw materials and product specifications, flexible and easy to change the production batch adaptability of low input, replaces the traditional pull-type expansion technology in the steel pipe industry. Since it is difficult to solve the supply of large-diameter steel pipes in the near future, thermally expanded steel pipes have become an important source of products to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipes in my country, which alleviates the tight supply situation in the large-diameter steel pipe market.

The pulsation spraying device on the surface of the mandrel rod of the hot-expanded steel pipe is a device for spraying the lubricant on the surface of the mandrel rod by the hot-expanded steel pipe. The motor is installed on the side of the storage chamber, the main shaft is connected to the pulsating ring with the lubricant output hole in the middle through the driving wheel, and the beam gauge assembly with the beam gauge is placed at the lower part of the output hole. The advantage is that it is used to spray lubricant on the surface of the mandrel bar, which can reduce the frictional resistance between the mandrel bar and the steel pipe during tube rolling, reduce the pressure load of the rolling mill and the power consumption of the rolling mill, prolong the service life of the mandrel bar, and improve the rolling of the steel tube.