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Impact toughness of high pressure seamless pipe

Date:2022-02-28View:431Tags:high pressure seamless pipe
The impact toughness of the high-pressure seamless boiler pipe reflects the resistance of the metal to the external impact load. It is generally expressed by the impact energy (Ak), and its unit is J (joule).

The impact energy test of high-pressure seamless pipe is divided into three types: normal temperature, low temperature and high temperature impact test due to different test temperatures; according to the shape of the sample notch, it can be divided into two types: "V"-shaped notch and "U"-shaped notch impact test. Impact test: use a high-pressure seamless pipe sample of a certain size and shape (10×10×55mm) (with a "U" or "V"-shaped notch in the middle of the length direction, the notch depth is 2mm) to be impacted on the specified testing machine Experiment of breaking from the notch under load impact.

high pressure seamless boiler pipe

High-pressure seamless tube (smls pipe) shock absorption work Akv(u)--the work absorbed by a metal pattern with a certain size and shape when it is broken under the action of shock load. The unit is Joule (J).
The normal temperature impact test temperature of the high-pressure seamless pipe is 20±5℃; the low temperature impact test temperature range is <15~-192℃; the high temperature impact test temperature range is 35~1000℃.

The cooling medium used in the low temperature impact test is generally non-toxic, safe, non-corroding metal and non-solidifying liquid or gas at the test temperature. Such as absolute ethanol (alcohol), solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) or liquid nitrogen atomizing gas (liquid nitrogen).