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How to increase the service life of seamless steel pipes?

Date:2022-05-11View:31Tags:seamless steel pipes
The materials of the seamless steel pipes we produce are different, and the elements are naturally different. Generally speaking, our seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust. But it doesn't mean that since the seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust, we usually don't need to care about it, because if the seamless steel pipe is not usually maintained, its service life will be shortened. It will also bring unnecessary losses to the seamless steel pipe factory and our customers.

seamless steel pipes

In order to increase the life of the seamless steel pipe in the process, the seamless steel pipe must first be pickled to remove the surface oxide scale, and then subjected to lubricating treatment and passivation surface treatment to form a protective film on the surface. After pickling and then supplementing with electrolysis, the seamless steel pipe can be further protected.

The quality requirements for seamless steel tube blanks are closely related to the perforation process:

There are unfavorable stress states and severe non-uniform deformation when piercing capillaries on a two-roll piercer. Therefore, the local defects existing on the blank are enlarged by the perforation, causing defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the capillary. In particular, some weak places in the old metal - the places where non-metallic inclusions gather and the metal density is poor, it is easy to cause damage to the metal through perforation deformation. Therefore, selecting a reasonable perforation method and changing the unfavorable stress state can prevent defects from occurring.