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seamless pipes corrosion

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seamless pipes corrosion
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Causes of corrosion of seamless pipes and preventive measures

Date:2022-02-21View:876Tags:seamless pipes corrosion

The seamless steel pipe is a layer of ultra-thin, firm and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on its surface to prevent the re-infiltration and re-oxidation of oxygen atoms, and obtain the professional ability to resist rust. Once there are various reasons, such plastic films are continuously damaged, oxygen atoms in the gas or liquid will continue to infiltrate or iron atoms in the metal composite material will continue to separate out, resulting in loose chemical substances, and the surface of the metal material will be continuously damaged. Rust. The following will give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for corrosion of seamless pipes and preventive measures.

1) Causes of corrosion of seamless pipes

1. The surface of the seamless pipe has deposits of dust containing other chemical molecules or fine particles of metal composite materials. In the humid air, the condensed water between the attachments and the stainless steel plate is combined into a micro The rechargeable battery causes an electrochemical reaction and the protective film is destroyed, which is called the principle of the primary battery.

2. The surface of the seamless tube adheres to the organic juice (such as vegetables, fried noodles, sputum, etc.), which forms sodium citrate in the presence of ice and oxygen, and the long-term corrosion of sodium citrate on the surface of metal materials.

seamless steel pipe

3. The surface of the seamless tube contains acid, alkali and phosphate compounds (such as edible soda ash and lime powder splashed from the decoration wall in the room), resulting in partial corrosion.

4. In the air with air pollution (such as gas containing a lot of potassium thiocyanate, carbon oxide, and sulfur oxide), when it encounters condensed water, it will cause the liquid point of sulfuric acid, sodium cyanide, and glacial acetic acid, resulting in chemical corrosion.

2) Anti-corrosion precautions

1. Clean the surface of the design and decoration seamless pipe as often as possible, remove the attachments, and eliminate the external factors that cause the decoration design.
2. The Haibin area should use 316 stainless steel seamless pipes, which can resist sea level corrosion.
3. Some seamless pipe components on the market cannot meet the relative national standards of my country, and cannot meet the requirements of 304 material. Therefore, it will also lead to rust, which requires customers to carefully choose products from credible manufacturers.

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