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Eastern Steel is a leading manufacturer and distributor

We use the advanced tools and technology to meet the varied requirements of pipes and tubes for the food processing industry, chemical industry, brewing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cement industry, oil & gas industry, refineries, and water desalination.

Quality advantages
This was achieved by introduction of the unique equipment as well as the latest methods of quality control and testing of the manufactured pipe products. Modern pipe-rolling facilities, powerful technology base and highly qualified personnel make Eastern Steels competitive on equal terms with the worlds recognized leading brands.

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Facility and Services

  • Facility

    Advanced facility by Eastern Steel creates high quality steel products

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  • Coating

    Value-added professional anti-corrosion service for steel products

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  • Cutting

    Cut to the length required by the customer within the standard tolerance

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Our Projects


Quality Control

  • Visual Inspections

    Visual Inspection is one of the most effective inspection method used to check overall product quality. You will check for the overall product finish.

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  • Mechanical Inspections

    To ensure product quality, during and after the production certain pipe inspection and non-destructive testing are performed on the body & weld of the pipe. 

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  • Packaging Inspections

    To prevent the damage during transportation. Spider supports at the end of the pipe are also installed in Large diameter pipe to protect the circularity of pipe.

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Clients from Eastern Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd covers different fields all over the world , not only new customers, but also some old customers, now they have become our VIP customers. Our products are trusted and highly recognized by our customers. They often recommend new customers to us. 


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